About Us

Maintaining our western culture is a vital part of preserving our important history and to promoting the Western Arts that carry those traditions. When we learn about our heritage, we find hard work and self-reliance. We learn to appreciate the beauty of natural things and the feel of our beautiful surrounds.

The Louis family has been involved with the western culture and sport of rodeo for generations. Whether it was in the arena competing or coordinating an event they have risen to every challenge. The Louis' have striven for years to put on events that have brought contestants from far and wide. They enjoy providing an unforgettable experience for our spectators and contestants that instills a sense of pride for our western heritage.

"Through the hard work of our volunteers, the support of our sponsors, the talents of our participants, and the patronage of our unwavering fans we are capable of offering cherished memories for generations to come. Through the positive education of this beloved culture we wish to carry on the cherished traditions of our history. We invite you to join us in our journey to keep this way of life alive."            

Cecil, Carol, Bobby, Teal Louis

Louis Estates Rodeo Arena